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Fitness Routine

  When I turned forty, my husband gave me the gift of a Gold's Gym membership with a trainer . We did couples training. It was at this point that I started to find fitness again and tried my best to be consistent. I would pack a bag in the morning with my sports bra, t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes so that I could go workout on my way home. If I went home first, I wouldn't workout that day. I did lose a little weight, but not what I had anticipated. Working out with a trainer once a week did give me more confidence at the gym - in what to do and how to work the machines. So I am really grateful for that.  I then started setting challenges for myself so that I would be more consistent. I started a challenge to work out every day for a year. I had to start over once because I got sick and missed days of working out. I did my best, but eventually gave up that challenge. I set and completed smaller challenges - a sit-up/crunches challenge one month, a push-ups challenge one month,

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